We are particularly adept at engendering an environment of trust with our clients that enables us to ascertain through interviews, focus groups, and surveys the underlying issues facing an institution.  The Pappas Group works with clients to breakdown organizational and functional silos that impede the ability to integrate human, financial, academic, student, programmatic and physical assets into an institution-wide strategic plan.

We provide Presidents/Heads of School/Executive Directors, Board Chairs and Senior Staff with a number of services that can be provided singularly or bundled:

  • Institutional-wide Policy Development
  • Design of the plan-to-plan
  • Strategic planning professional development and training programs for Board members and staff
  • Data gathering and analytics including benchmarking and best practices
  • Conduct of interviews, focus groups, and electronic surveys to determine perceived Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Presentation of results to volunteers, alumni, faculty, students, staff, senior leadership, and the Board
  • Strategic Plan drafting assistance to Planning and Institutional Research professional staff and strategic planning committees
  • Technology Planning
  • Enrollment Management Planning
  • Academic Master Planning
  • Full Service Strategic Planning encompassing all, or components of, the previous offerings

Strategic Planning

​​​"Strategic Planning should be viewed as both art and science. Data, benchmarking, and analytics are critical. As critical are the cultural attributes and founding 'soul' of the institution; all must be interwoven into a coherent and sustainable vision."