We work with Boards on the fundamentals of governance. In this era of social media and public demand for instant accountability and transparency, Boards are particularly vulnerable collectively and individually if proper mechanisms are not in place to protect institutional assets. Issues around what should constitute shared governance are on the rise as a growing number of constituencies seek to have a voice in decision making at both the strategic and operating levels. We provide a variety of services and assessments that can be carried out individually or bundled:

  • Review and Amendment of By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Assessment of Board as well as Individual Trustee/Director Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assessment of Board Involvement, Implementation and Continuous Assessment of the Institutional Strategic Plan and Resource Allocation
  • Relationship of the Board to Such Other Entities as External Foundations, Advisory and Visiting Committees, as well as Local Boards or the National Board
  • Relationship of the Board Chair to the President/Head of School/Executive Director
  • Staffing the Board for Optimal Decision Making and Communication
  • Shared Governance Design
  • Committee Structure of the Board
  • Financial Reporting
  • Board Training and Development including Position Descriptions and Performance Appraisal Tools
  • Terms of Office
  • Record Keeping and Related Board Practices
  • Conduct of Board Meetings and Board Business
  • Distinction Between Policy and Day-to-Day Management

"As constituents demand accountability and transparency, the way in which institutions make decisions comes under greater and greater scrutiny. Governance no longer simply equates to a Board. Expectations for shared governance require that institutions work closely with their constituents to define clearly who has responsibility and accountability for specific actions."