Deciding to Engage in a Consulting Relationship

Relationships require candor and no hidden agenda.       

We at the Pappas Consulting Group Inc. put our clients and their needs first. We do not worry about competing for recognition as a Firm or as individuals or being publicly traded for personal gain. Rather, we spend our time and energy working in partnership with our clients to enable them to become all they want and can be.

Since our founding, we have worked with clients large and small, well-endowed and barely sustainable, strategically managed and intrinsically reactive. We have learned through our careers as front-line managers in education and the non-profit that our industry is complex, demanding and under intense scrutiny at every turn. And we understand clearly that if we do not truly grasp the founding mission of our client and its operating culture, we will fail that institution and will have done it harm.

Our Pledge

Our World Continues to Change

The Pappas Consulting Group Inc. provides the best value-added and personal service to our clients.

We believe it is morally incumbent upon us as a Firm to work with each client in a respectful and empathetic manner while being forthright and honest in our mutual interactions. We have a passion for what we do and are committed to ensuring that the colleges, universities, schools, and non-profits we serve are positioned to fulfill their very own vision.

Our Vision