​​"The challenge for institutions is how best to allocate human, financial, programmatic and physical resources while utilizing technology to optimize day-to-day operations and processes. Managing the human dynamic through these efforts requires trust, clarify of purpose, and patience."

  • Functionally focus Organizational Redesign

- Academic Affairs
- Student Affairs and Student Success
- Finance
- Administration
- Facilities Management
- Human Resources
- Fundraising      
- Development
- Alumni Affairs
- Admissions
- Financial Aid
- Registrar
- Volunteer Services
- Member Services

How an institution allocates and manages its human resources and conducts it day-to-day business determines its effectiveness and efficiency in today’s competitive marketplace. Organizational and process redesign is both an art and a science and necessitates that the consultants with whom you work understands your institution's unique culture and workforce characteristics. We provide a variety of services from which to choose or bundle:

  • Institutional Culture Assessment
  • Analysis of Staffing Loads vis a vis Institutional Peers 
  • Analysis of Staffing Loads vis a vis Institutional Strategic Initiatives and Objectives
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • When to use technology and when to use the human touch
  • Administrative and Financial Process Redesign
  • Position Description Generation
  • Institution-wide Organizational Redesign
  • Performance Measurement
  • Change Management

Organizational Effectiveness